010 is more than just a code.

A place where dreams come true after you’ve worked around the clock, with your hands on a drill, your feet on a shovel and your face in the mud. That’s what this city is made of. A raw place with proud people and a strong, worker mentality. Rotterdam has evolved to one of the most vibrant cities around the globe, so we couldn’t find a better place to start off our adventure. Because 010 is more than just a code. Unplugged is about letting you connect to the beating heart of the city. To connect locally, we’ve collected the best hotspots from our ambassadors. Now guests can easily find the best local places to go to on Instagram.


We know Rotterdam like our back pocket and we have enough pocket room left for you, to get to know the city the same way as we do. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us via info@hotelunplugged.nl for inside scoops and hidden hoops.



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The all day breakfast place Baker & Moore is one of a kind. Breakfast, lunch, high tea and a firm cup of coffee, you can find it all at this cool place. The greatest advantage: when you book an overnight stay with breakfast included, this is the place we send you! Guaranteed a success.

Sugo pizza

Why go to Rome for the best pizza when you have Sugo right around the corner? A new kind of pizza, square, fluffy and above all: very healthy!

The Rumah

The best cocktail place in town run by these super cool dudes that know everything about rum. As icing on the cake, you can also have a great laugh with these guys! What are you waiting for?

Williams canteen

Williams Canteen is a refuge for all, all day long. For people who love food (and good drinks).


Mangiare is the Italian word for food and that’s exactly what this place is all about. Cooking, eating and enjoying. What else do you need?


Spaghetteria has a small menu with big opportunities. Fresh quality spaghetti, as spaghetti should be. They also have an amazing, cosy, heated terrace and we’re here for it!


This place says Bonjour all the way, Pierre has an all day French cuisine. Not exactly around the corner, but definitely worth the (20 minute) walk.


It’s like walking into a different world when entering the doors of Dodo. Dodo offers all kinds of cuisines under one roof, for sure a must-see (and must-eat and must-drink).