For the next generation of travellers.

Plugin to our hotel, to feel Unplugged.

We welcome the new kind of metropolitan traveller and adapt to the level of service they seek.


Our rooms are designed for our guests to fully recharge after a long day of exploring the world. The focus in the rooms is on the exceptionally comfortable bed, unique designs of the bathroom and technology. Things that truly define the experience of our guests.


Offering a tech-savvy and mobile stay, so you’re able to create meaningful connections with the people and places you visit. By avoiding the traditional thinking in hospitality, we give you the freedom of choosing your own definition of a carefree stay, or a stay with exceptional care. 


Because feeling Unplugged is knowing around you has been arranged exactly like you want it to be.

A smart place for wise travellers.

Feel Unplugged.

We’re advanced in both technology and people.
A place where you choose the level of freedom, service and the nature of your stay. As long as everything is at your service when you might require extra service.

Technology driven

A fast & friendly online check-in, doors that unlock with your personal QR-code and inroom technology controlled by your phone.

Quick Fix coffee bar & Co-working space

A great place where to start your day.

Free and damn good coffee that our staff will prepare for you.

A nice place where you can catch your thoughts and make some plans for a new adventure.

Applauding amenities

We’ve teamed up with Malin + Goetz to let you wash in the experience. True essentials for your city trip.

Next level comfort

Modern high quality beds and well-designed bathrooms for the perfect combination of comfort and design.