Mattering much info

We’ve automated almost everything in our hotel, so we don’t have a traditional reception, a grumpy concierge, or a dull doorman. Nevertheless, we will still make sure you feel at home. We were kind enough to already answer some of your burning questions.

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Of course you can! As we already told you, we are here to make life easier. You can store your luggage before and after arrival, whatever floats your boat.

Check-in (from 14:00): you can check-in in a few minutes. You will receive a  personalized web-app, via WhatsApp, to enter the front door.
After that you check-in at the kiosk with your personal code and that’s that. We’re here to make life easy for you.
Check-out (till 11:00): please leave the room card in your room and close the door. Simple as that? Yes, simple as that!

Of course, it is! Even when we are not there, we are there. We are watching the camera system 24/7 to make sure that we know whatis going on in the hotel. We can even control the hotel from a distance, in case of an emergency. As we said, it’s a smart place, but you don’t have to worry about us checking on you; we can only view public areas in the hotel. If you require assistance, our security team is only 2 minutes away from the hotel to assist you or someone else, when needed.

No worries, our staff will still be available for some small talk, from:
Monday till Friday: 08:30 till 14:00 & Saturday and Sunday: 09:00 till 15:00.
They serve you the best coffee in our Quick Fix coffee bar and assist you where needed.

Glad you’ve asked. We know Rotterdam as the back of our hand, and we also know things the generic tourists don’t know. Feel free to ask our staff members for some cool places or check out Hotel Unplugged on the Urban Journalist App.

We don’t have our own parkingplace but but there are plenty of parking garages nearby. We advise to use the following url’s: or You also have an P+R called Kralingse Zoom, you can park there for free but you need to go with the subway to Eendrachtsplein, it’s a 7 minute ride.

Your breakfast is waiting for you just around the corner. This create-your own bakery has reinvented the most important meal of the day. A place that welcomes you with the delicate smell of freshly made bread, burnt coffee beans, and some guilty-pleasure muffins. The place is called Baker & Moore and is only a 150 meters walk. Exit the hotel, walk to the left, follow the road, and go left again. Walk straight until you bump into it.

We kindly ask a €100 deposit for each room, to ensure safety. The deposit needs to be paid during the check in, you can pay with any kind of card, no cash. When you check out the staff will check the room and if it’s in the original conditions, we will refund the money on the bank account you paid with, right after you left. It can take up to 3 days before the refund is processed into your bank account.